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Service Posting (English version)

Service Posting Ads are visually enhanced job ads created bespoke by our team of skilled web designers. If you wish to highlight your company brand or have your ads displayed in a specific way we can create a job page based on your company’s brand or marketing guidelines, or simply your website. Your job ads will also be mobile and search engine optimized.


How to request Service Posting


Contact one of our sales consultants on 0800 1 666 7837 who will discuss your specific needs and make you an offer.



When your purchase is completed you can then send an email to our service team anzeigen@monster.de containing:

    • Your desired design/layout (Editable PDF or Word)
    • Your full Job Ad description (PDF or Word)
    • Apply method
    • Optional: Website, Branding or Marketing Guidelines (as a basis for your branded job page



When the request is processed, you will receive an email confirmation and we will create your ad.



You will be sent a preview link to review your Job Ad and approve it to go online. If you would like to make edits you can email anzeigen@monster.de with your request.



As soon as the Job Ad is posted we will send you a confirmation email..



Application Method

You can choose to receive job applications directly via the e-mail address provided or you can use your own application tracking system.

Requesting edits

If you want to make any changes after the ad has been posted please send a request, along with your order number to anzeigen@monster.de. We’ll always reply to let you know edits have been completed.